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Offline Creditcard Module v1.6



Accept creditcard payments on your Prestashop without paying for an internet payment gateway!

The Offline Creditcard module will collect creditcard information from your customers using a customizable payment form. Their card information will be stored in the database in an encrypted form and will be available to you for later processing at an existing cash register or payment gateway.

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The original!

This module comes from humble beginnings in 2006, before Prestashop v1.0. It was developed to meet a community requirement, and over the years has been dramatically improved both in functionality and codebase to continue to meet those needs.

There are other 'offline creditcard' modules available in the Prestashop community -- stick with the original, longest existing module! 


  • Prestashop 1.5
  • Prestashop 1.6+

Live Demo

Feel free to take a look at the live demo links below! The login information on both sites is automatically filled in to make it easy to try for yourself!

  • Customer Site: 
  • Admin Site:

General Settings

General module settings that control some generic behaviors.

  • Accepted Payments Block - display a block showing the card issuer logos on the payment screen
  • Issuer Selection - manual will require the customer to choose their card's issuer from a dropdown, automatic will cause the issuer from the dropdown to be automatically selected based on the card number entered by the customer
  • Terms and Conditions - which CMS page should customers be asked to accept as payment terms and conditions
  • Form Submit Overlay - shows a semi-transparent overlay over the payment from to prevent double submits and give a more responsive experience
  • Validate Address - require that shipping and billing address match. Some countries require that items can only be shipped to the billing address on a creditcard.

Customizable Payment Form

Choose what fields are collected from your customers and stored in the database. 

Fields include:

  • Cardholder Name
  • Card Number
  • Issuer (Visa, MasterCard, etc)
    • Manual Selection via a dropdown list
    • Optionally enable automatic selection, where the issuer dropdown is automatically set based on the card number entered by your customer.
  • CVC [Must be manually enabled, check your merchant agreement before enabling]
  • Expiration Date
  • Issue Date

Authorized Issuers

Choose which issuers you want to accept payments through. All common (and uncommon) issuers are included and can be disabled individually.

Order States

This module has two types of order states which control how it handles orders.

  • Inital - the order state to use for orders completed by this module. When installed, a "Creditcard - Awaiting Validation" order state is created and automatically enabled for this setting.
  • Delete On - any order states checked in this column, when the order is changed to their status, will cause card information to be deleted from the database. This makes sure that you are not storing card information for any longer than necessary.

Payment Options [Beta]

This option allows customers to select one of any number of payment options during payment execution. You can use this to charge a higher percentage for creditcard payments (1 payment of 105%, for example), or offer "flex payments" such as 5 payments of 20%.